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FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL returns to Kazakhstan!

On 31st of August FNG company together with TOBET FC with the support of Astana City Akimat will have the FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 88 event

13 August 2018, 16:00

Omar Nurmagomedov: "I think that I am ready for the championship fight"

The undefeated prospect Omar Nurmagomedov told about his champion ambitions and the opportunity to get a "ticket" to the title fight in case of a victory over Vladimir Egoyan (19th of October, Moscow):

11 August 2018, 20:04

Evgeniy Ignatiev (Russia) - Sharamazan Chupanov (Russia).

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL. On 19th of October, Moscow. "Park of Legends".

11 August 2018, 15:34

Umar Nurmagomedov (Russia) - Vladimir Egoyan (Russia)

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL. On 19th of October, Moscow. "Park of Legends".

08 August 2018, 15:31

Vladimir Mineev (Russia) - Magomed Ismailov (Russia)

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL. On 19th of October, Moscow. "Park of Legends".

07 August 2018, 16:00

Friends, the President of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL, Kamil Gadzhiev offer you to take part in the organization of the event in Yerevan!

If you really are waiting for a super event in Armenia with the Armenian top fighters such as Vartan Asatryan, Migran Arutyunyan and you are ready to pay $ 20 for the ticket, then leave your comment under this post.

06 August 2018, 16:56

Kamil Gadzhiev: "I consider Khabib as a leader..."

The president of the FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL, Kamil Gadzhiev , told us his emotions about the upcoming fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor:

04 August 2018, 16:00

Omar Nurmagomedov:"The experience of Vladimir Egoyan does not bother me at all, since I'm 100% ready."

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL. 19th of October. Moscow. VTB "The Park of Legends". 18:00.

03 August 2018, 20:00

Kamil Gadzhiev

Congratulations to all paratroopers on the Airborne Day! Wish you Health, guys!

02 August 2018, 21:00

Fight Nights Global Kamil Gadzhiev will be the guest of the FIGHT NIGHTS TV LIVE.

The most interesting, relevant and urgent issues will be announced live!

02 August 2018, 11:53

Sharamazan Chupanov: "If Tomash Deck will be without a belt and I will be offered a fight with him - I will fight ... Even for free!"

19th of October. FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL. Moscow. Ice Palace "Park of Legends".

01 August 2018, 19:51

Present a promo-video of the tournament FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL: Mineev vs. Ismailov

19th of October, 18:0. Moscow, ICE PALACE, PARK LEGEND

31 July 2018, 20:44

Yulia Borisova: "This is the most important fight for me!"

Top Russian sportsmen, Yulia Borisova about the upcoming fight for the title of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL champion in flyweight (56.7 kg) against Maria Agapova:

30 July 2018, 14:50

Vladimir Egoyan: "Omar Nurmagomedov is a good fighter!

19th of October I will try to show my best fight and become the winner. "

27 July 2018, 15:23

FIGHT NIGHTS TV LIVE will be the pride of Armenia, the finalist of the Olympic Games in Greco-Roman wrestling, Migran Arutyunyan.

"Maestro" recently debuted in mixed martial arts, will talk about his next steps in the MMA and answer the most shark and interesting questions.

25 July 2018, 19:15

You was waiting for this event and it is happening soon! 19th of October - the most expected event in the Russian MMA - Mineev vs. Ismailov at the FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL!

In the main event of the evening the most popular Russian middleweight fighters will finally come to the cage: Vladimir Mineev (10-1-0) and Magomed Ismailov (13-2-0). Classical confrontation of wrestling and boxing. The winner will get a new Mercedes.

23 July 2018, 13:00

Kamil Gadzhiev!

Nowadays the Russian MMA companies come up with news, pleasant and not very pleasant. I get a lot of questions about what's going on. I'll try to answer them shortly here, and a full interview will be released on Monday.

21 July 2018, 15:43

Ali Bagautinov (Russia) - Vartan Asatryan (Russia) - a fight between these fighters became the most expected for the followers of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL

Do you think Ali and Vartan will agree to come to the cage and fight each other?

17 July 2018, 16:00

Vitaly Minakov:"I would like to stand alongside Fedor Emelianenko, Sergei Kharitonov and fight foreigners.

The rules of the industry are such that we fight not only with foreign fighters. Everything is possible ... If now there was an opportunity fight Sergei, tomorrow it may happen that my opponent will be Fedor.

17 July 2018, 14:01

Diego Brandão: "Some people love me in Dagestan, some do not"

The top fighter of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL told us his impressions of his trips to Dagestan:

14 July 2018, 15:57

Tomas Deak:"I suppose that every fighter in FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL is a tough and well-experienced opponent

But I do not think I have any opponents in Russia

12 July 2018, 15:59

Vladimir Egoyan: "I would like to fight in October with Zhuman Zhumabekov

We heard that the tournament in Moscow will be held on October 19. It's an ideal date, Zhuman is a staunch fighter with good percussion technique and I'm also good at these aspects, I think the audience will be interested

11 July 2018, 18:36

Alexey Kudin:"Victory is always a positive feeling. It is a feeling of moral uplift and self-realization

I'm very satisfied with my fight. Of course, not everything was done" It was very wet and slipperily in the cage, so I did not manage to work in the standing position a lot, as I wanted

10 July 2018, 19:49

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL Summer Cup. June 30, China. Watch the most memorable moments of the event.

Full version available on FIGHT NIGHTS TV Youtube!

09 July 2018, 20:34

Mikhail Lyubimov: "Cody is a warrior, taught guy, with a strong personality"

Manager of Cody East from the Jackson Wink MMA Mikhail Lyubimov told about the health of the American fighter after the defeat of FN GLOBAL Summer Cup in China:

09 July 2018, 14:35

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL Football Team played a friendly game against the Fight Club Golden Team

For the most important upcoming football match for the Russian national team against the Croatian team, FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL Football Team played a friendly game against the Fight Club Golden Team. And this is what happened ...

07 July 2018, 19:11

Alexander Shabliy:"Meeting with Akhmed Aliyev is going to happen for sure.

He is a champion now. I often have my training camps in Dagestan, everything is good for me there.

07 July 2018, 15:13

Vitaly Minakov:"I never had any idols in sports, and in general in my life

There is no difference for me against whom to fight. I don’t chose opponent and fight anyone they offer.

06 July 2018, 20:15

The champion FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL featherweight (65.8 kg) Alexander Matmuratov "snapped up" from journalists.

What do you think, who is the next opponent to the champion from Novosibirsk in his next belt defense?

04 July 2018, 10:16

Julia Kukharchuk:"Now I understand what MMA is, to be physically ready is one thing, but psychologically is different.

There's no other feelings like going into a cage when you step into it, and you're left alone with your opponent.

03 July 2018, 15:18

Watch #FNG87 live stream!

17 May 2018, 18:48

David Khachatryan:"It does not really matter for me where to fight.

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 87. 19th of May. Rostov-on-Don. KSK "Express". 18:00.

09 May 2018, 14:27

Fabio Maldonado (Brazil) - Nikita Krylov (Russia).

19 th of May. Rostov-on-Don. KSK “Express”. 18:00.

04 May 2018, 14:20


19th of May. Rostov-on-Don. KSK "Express". 18:00.

27 April 2018, 19:17

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 85. Weighis results

March 30, Moscow
VTB " Ice Palace"

29 March 2018, 22:02

Magomed Ismailov in FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL!

The grandiose FNG85 event, which happens on March 30 (VTB "Ice Palace"), will feature the debut of the Russian fighter, Magomed Ismailov in the FNG organization. He will face a top Brazilian athlete, Ildemar Alcantara.

22 March 2018, 19:07

Aliaskhab Khizriev: "He with no heart shall lose!"

Title duel for the interim 77.1 kg belt. Aliaskhab Khizriev (Russia) - Rousimar Palhares (Brazil).

20 March 2018, 19:18

Roman Kopylov:"Alikhanov is a good fighter! I’m ready for all 5 rounds. But as they say: "the cage will show»

Title fight. 83.9 kg. Abusupian Alikhanov (Russia) - Roman Kopylov (Russia).

20 March 2018, 18:23

It's official! May 19. Yerevan. FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 88.

May 19. Yerevan. Karen Demirchyan Sports Arena.

19 March 2018, 21:20


April 1, Almaty. 5: 00 p.m.
"Almaty Arena»

19 March 2018, 19:00

Tyson Nam:"I’ve been working on a lot of grappling. Zhalgas’s best bet would be to try and grapple with me because, if he thinks he can strike with me, he’ll get knocked out.

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 86. April 1. Almaty. 56.7 kg. Tyson Nam (USA) - Zhalgas Zhumagulov (Kazakhstan).

19 March 2018, 14:02

Nikolay Baykin (Russia) - Ali Yousefi (Iran).

Buy tickets at:

18 March 2018, 14:01


Moscow, "VTB Ice Palace".

17 March 2018, 21:02