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Kamil Gadzhiev!
Nowadays the Russian MMA companies come up with news, pleasant and not very pleasant. I get a lot of questions about what's going on. I'll try to answer them shortly here, and a full interview will be released on Monday. 
1. ACB canceled 4 events, fans are disappointed. In fact this is a big loss for the industry. And it's not only the fact that 100 fighters will not have a fight in these events. It is about the future of the company, any reduction in quantity of events will lead to a decrease in popularity of #mma in the region. In general, all companies should try to achieve financial independence from key shareholders, but this is possible only in 5-7 years. 
2. M1 signed an agreement with the UFC, based on its breeding activities. In Russia M1 will be engaged in the largest company of the world. Time will show us, was Vadim right or not when he chose for himself this way of developing. For the fighters, this will be a great motivation for joining the M1. For M1 it is extra opportunities for earning with a loss of independence. In M1 work very experienced people. The decision was made not in one day, so let look after the developments of the company. 
3. FNG is not having the best times right now, but don’t you think that "a crisis - is always a new opportunity?")). We have the most important thing to develop further - an excellent management team and loyal fans. We gave some fighters the opportunity to continue their careers in the new MMA companies. We are talking about those divisions, where we have low competition, but the "favorites" of the fans are still in FNG and until the end of the year we will see in the cage Bagautinov, Shabliy, Aliev, Mineev, Ismailov, Asatryan, Kopylov, Brandao, Deca and many others. FNG will hold 4 big events before the end of the year, including the event in China, where our shows already have fans. Also we will have 5-6 events for young fighters. #Fonbet #Uremont