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Kamil Gadzhiev: "I consider Khabib as a leader..."
Kamil Gadzhiev: "I consider Khabib as a leader..."

The president of the FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL, Kamil Gadzhiev , told us his emotions about the upcoming fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor: "

This is the most anticipated fight of the decade, the confrontation of personalities, the opposition of their huge fan audiences, the opposition of countries and the opposition of styles! Striking against wrestling, at least it looks like this ...

The fight, of course, will be a serious boost for the development of MMA in the world. Where there are individuals, they always attract attention to their opposition. Many people, let's say, through Conor start to know about the world of mixed martial arts, become fans of this sport. And with Conor and Khabib together - it will even easier and more understandable.

 I consider Khabib as a leader and most experts agree with me and, probably, bookmakers too. Why? He is flawless in his sports career. And Conor had defeats and he has problems with the wrestling, where Khabib is so good. But, I admire with the skills of McGregor, especially in terms of timing and the feelings of distance. And he has a very dangerous left hand, which can cause Khabib difficulties. The only question is: Can Conor be functionally ready and accurate throughout the five rounds? It will be important to cope with the weight-loss of two the fighters ... Both of them had difficulties with losing weight. But, high responsibility, the status of the fight, the expectations of the audience, I am sure that the guys will approach this issue with a double attention. We are waiting! Of course, this is a very important event, extraordinary. I am glad that we live in times of this fight! "