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Backstage! Check out how it was to be a part of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 83.

Backstage! Check out how it was to be a part of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 83.

27 February 2018, 18:26

Vitaliy Stoyan (Ukraine) - Maxim Butorin (Russia)

March 2. Bratislava. Hant Arena.

27 February 2018, 15:29

Rizvan Abuev: I want a rematch with Nam. To have this, I need to win against Vartan.

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14 February 2018, 12:51

Today only, on February 14, you have a unique opportunity to purchase tickets for the SUPER event FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 83

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14 February 2018, 10:45


FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 83. Feb 22, Moscow (SCCH “Rossiya”).

13 February 2018, 16:44

Vartan Asatryan: Rizvan is a good wushu sanda artist and has a good stand up.

On February 22, Vartan Asatryan will face Rizvan Abuyev (FNG83, Moscow).

13 February 2018, 12:43


March 2, 5:00 PM
Bratislava (Slovakia). Hant Arena.

12 February 2018, 16:29

Yasubey Enomoto: "I lost my last 2 fights, I don’t think that this is a lot.

One fight I got injured 3 seconds in the fight very serious but I still kept fighting ‘till I could not walk anymore.

10 February 2018, 15:37

Svetlana Zotkina: "My mom, she watched FNG fights and got very scared for me”

"The Black Panther" spoke on the upcoming February 22 debut in MMA.

10 February 2018, 13:47

Shamil Amirov (Russia) - Yasubey Enomoto (Switzerland).

Will Shamil will shock MMA world again or will Enomoto become the first fighter to defeat the "Wrestler" from Kaspiysk? Learn on March 2!

09 February 2018, 17:26

Liana Jojua: "I always get ready for a full fight, despite the fact that all my victories came ahead of schedule.

The inaugural women Bantamweight FNG title fight between Liana Jojua (Georgia) and Marina Mokhnatkina (Russia) will be held on February 22 in Moscow (GCKZ "Rossiya").
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09 February 2018, 14:23

Dmitry Bikrev: "My opponent is Vasiliy Zubkov, the Russian McGregor"

The participant of FNG83 (Feb 22, Moscow), Dmitry Bikrev spoke about his fight against Vasiliy Zubkov.

08 February 2018, 21:14

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FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 83. Feb 22, Moscow (SCCH “Rossiya”).

08 February 2018, 17:17

Shyudi Yamauchi: I believe that presence of Khabib Nurmagomedov in Omar’s corner won’t affect anything

I am ready to defeat Omar in all areas. will be only one cornerman and nothing will change the result of this fight. This victory is mine".

08 February 2018, 15:19

Omar Nurmagomedov: “He talks about samurai blood, whatever, tell him that blood of a horseman runs in my body!”

FNG83 participant Omar Nurmagomedov talks on his motivation for the fight versus Shyudi Yamauchi.

07 February 2018, 21:21

Happy birthday, Maria Sharafetdinova!

oday, February 7, is the birthday of the winner of the First National FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL contest, Maria Sharafetdinova!

07 February 2018, 17:22

Rizvan Abuev: After the battle with Nam I did my homework, I thought it over.

In general, nothing has changed in my life, it was just a step back, so now I need to take two steps forward. And the battle with Vartan is one of them.

07 February 2018, 16:24

The leading international MMA portal published an interview with the FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL president Kamil Gadzhiev.

The head of the company spoke about tournaments, office and development of the promotion in the USA.

07 February 2018, 13:26

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL champion in the Welterweight (77.1 kg) division Georgy "Knight" Kichigin and eminent Yasubey "Swiss Samurai" Enomoto are at the training camp in Thailand.

Enomoto will face Shamil Amirov in Bratislava (FNG84, Mar 2) and Kichigin will defend his belt on March 24 in Moscow

07 February 2018, 10:27

Marina Mokhnatkina. The road to the title.

February 22, FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 83 in Moscow (State Central Concert Hall "Rossiya"), Mokhnatkina will engage the inaugural title fight against Liana Jojua.

06 February 2018, 21:29

Happy birthday, Vitaly Minakov!

Today, on February 6, Vitaly Minakov, one of the best fighters of the planet, celebrates his birthday. FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL company congratulates the Bryansk hero on this momentous day!

06 February 2018, 16:31