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Michael «The Messenger» Hill: «Russians are crazy tough, and I can’t wait to show them how tough a Canadian kid is as well!»

– Michael, what do you think about your opponent's record (11-1)?

– I think it's very impressive and takes a lot of hard work to build a record like that. I'm excited to go up against someone who knows how to win.

– How did you get "the messenger" nickname?

– I went through 10 different opponent changes and had talks about fighting in Japan, China, England and the States. When nobody else wants to fight ‘em send me a message and I'll take the contract! Haha!

– Do you have a game plan for the fight? Give us your prognosis of how it will end.

– Punch hard, sprawl and brawl, bleed a bit probably, and if I get a neck or limb take it home with me! I'm always looking for that finish!

– What do you think about Russian MMA and level of Russian fighters?

– I think Russian MMA is awesome! They train hard, they fight harder, and there all about the fighting spirit, and putting on a show. Exactly how I view martial arts and competing.

– Who are the toughest fighters on the planet - Americans, Brazilians, Russians?

– To tough to say. So many badass fighters from all over the world. I'm always up for a challenge to fight someone from a different country. Russians are crazy tough, and I can’t wait to show them how tough a Canadian kid is as well!

– Why are you fighting in MMA and not playing hockey?

– I was born to fight. I’m thankful that I found my calling. MMA gave me a purpose, it saved my life.

– Do you think you are the future FNG champ?

– I would love the opportunity to be a Champion for FNG. Wow! What an experience and dream come true that would be!