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Magomed Ismailov in FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL!

The grandiose FNG85 event, which happens on March 30 (VTB "Ice Palace"), will feature the debut of the Russian fighter, Magomed Ismailov in the FNG organization. He will face a top Brazilian athlete, Ildemar Alcantara.

22 March 2018, 19:07

Aliaskhab Khizriev: "He with no heart shall lose!"

Title duel for the interim 77.1 kg belt. Aliaskhab Khizriev (Russia) - Rousimar Palhares (Brazil).

20 March 2018, 19:18

Roman Kopylov:"Alikhanov is a good fighter! I’m ready for all 5 rounds. But as they say: "the cage will show»

Title fight. 83.9 kg. Abusupian Alikhanov (Russia) - Roman Kopylov (Russia).

20 March 2018, 18:23

It's official! May 19. Yerevan. FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 88.

May 19. Yerevan. Karen Demirchyan Sports Arena.

19 March 2018, 21:20


April 1, Almaty. 5: 00 p.m.
"Almaty Arena»

19 March 2018, 19:00

Tyson Nam:"I’ve been working on a lot of grappling. Zhalgas’s best bet would be to try and grapple with me because, if he thinks he can strike with me, he’ll get knocked out.

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 86. April 1. Almaty. 56.7 kg. Tyson Nam (USA) - Zhalgas Zhumagulov (Kazakhstan).

19 March 2018, 14:02

Nikolay Baykin (Russia) - Ali Yousefi (Iran).

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18 March 2018, 14:01


Moscow, "VTB Ice Palace".

17 March 2018, 21:02

Bekhruz Zukhurov (Tajikistan) - Akhmed Balkizov (Russia).

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17 March 2018, 13:26

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 86. April 1. Almaty (Kazakhstan).

April 1, Almaty. 5: 00 p.m.
"Almaty Arena»

16 March 2018, 18:00

Zhalgas Zhumagulov (Kazakhstan) - Tyson Nam (USA)

April 1. Almaty.

16 March 2018, 15:34

Happy birthday, Magomedsaygid Alibekov!

Happy birthday, Magomedsaygid Alibekov!

16 March 2018, 13:36

Happy birthday Cyrus Fees!

Happy birthday Cyrus Fees!

15 March 2018, 22:37

The fight’s cancelled!

Vladimir Mineev was injured during his preparation for the super fight against Magomed Ismailov (medial meniscus damage, lateral ligament rupture). The March 30 fight is now postponed, stay tuned!

07 March 2018, 14:44

Movlid “Killer” Khaibulaev (12-0-0) is ready for FNG85 on March 30

Do you think "Killer" will be able to win his PRO MMA fight number 13 and become the new champion?

06 March 2018, 17:42

Abusupian Alikhanov (Russia) - Roman Kopylov (Russia).

March 30, Moscow. VTB "Ice Palace".

06 March 2018, 14:40

Vladimir Mineev (Russia) - Magomed Ismailov (Russia)

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05 March 2018, 16:34

Magomedsaygid Alibekov: “Congratulations to Akhmed Aliev, he deserved this belt!

This loss of is a great lesson for me. I’m not over though, in fact, I’m more motivated than ever now!”

04 March 2018, 20:25

Akhmed Aliev - Magomedsaygid Alibekov is the "KO of the month"!

⁉️What do you think, will the "spinner" by Akhmed Aliyev also win "Knockout of the year"?

04 March 2018, 16:29

In a fierce and dramatic duel, Tomas Deak defended the belt from Sharamazan Chupanov!

Who do you think should be the next contender for the Bantamweight belt?

03 March 2018, 15:30