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May 21.Kaspiysk (Dagestan). DS Ali Alieva

02 May 2017, 11:43

Tyson Nam

“One fighter won and one lost. I guess you can say that it's unusual that the underdog won but, like I said before, I was going to finish the fight and be victorious.

30 April 2017, 15:41

Peter Queally

It didn't distract me, I'm used to that environment. I've fought all over the world against people in their home city. In fact, I like it, it motivates me. It was a really tough fight, a war. Igor has my respect for life.

29 April 2017, 16:40


April 28, VTB Ice Palace, Moscow.

29 April 2017, 11:34

Video official weigh-in FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64: Bagautinov vs. Nam

Video official weigh-in FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64: Bagautinov vs. Nam

28 April 2017, 01:00

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64. Weigh-In results

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64 official weigh-in results:

27 April 2017, 22:46

Peter Queally: "The Irish and Russians are the two toughest nations in the world."

The participant of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64 (April 28, Moscow) Peter Queally speaks on his training with Conor McGregor, expectations on Igor Egorov fight and the Irish:

26 April 2017, 14:13

Tyson Nam: «When I knock Ali out I'll inherit his nickname»

The main event of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64 (April 28, Moscow) participant, Tyson Nam, says to be sure in winning early in his fight with Ali Bagautinov:

25 April 2017, 13:11

Derrick Mehmen: «I'm very excited to fight in front of the Russian crowd»

Derrick Mehmen, debuting in Russia at FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64 on April 28th in Moscow, told us how he feels about the upcoming fight with Alexei Kudin:

24 April 2017, 17:09

Igor Egorov: "Queally takes his time, he can go all rounds, he has stamina."

Igor Egorov, who fights Peter Queally on April 28th at FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64 in Moscow, talks about British MMA, his urge to use himself to his full capability in the fight.

24 April 2017, 13:06

Peter Queally: «Igor has quit or been knocked out in all of his losses."

«My training is as normal, I don’t change my training based on my opponent. I focus on and what I can do, not him. Igor is very well rounded, and like me has been around a long time. I feel I am better that him in some areas, but he doesn’t really have any weaknesses. I don’t [know] how it’s going to go, it’s going to be a war I feel. But I will come out on top.

23 April 2017, 14:05

Tyson Nam: «My fight with Ali will not go 5 rounds »

«I feel like this is exactly when I went to Brazil. Different country, fighting the hometown favorite, ranked top 10 in the world, and I will triumph again.

22 April 2017, 17:02


April 21. Vladivostok. Fetisov Arena

21 April 2017, 17:08


Watch the video

20 April 2017, 22:37

"In this particular division"


20 April 2017, 17:00

Kuat Khamitov: "I guarantee, the twelve thousand seat "Almaty Arena" will be packed."

Champion title contender Kuat Khamitov talks his plans on winning the belt from Magomedsaygid Alibekov in the title fight at FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 63 (April 21, Vladivostok):

20 April 2017, 14:00

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 63. Weigh-In results

April 21. Vladivostok. Fetisov Arena

20 April 2017, 11:00

Gennadiy Kovalev: «I plan to win early, do it for my fans, for Primorsky region»

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 63 (April 21, Vladivostok) participant Gennadiy Kovalev shares his ambitions about the fight with Jorge Cezario de Oliveira and hopes to enter the cage for a champions belt.

19 April 2017, 19:00

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 64. Eduard Muravitskiy vs.Sultan Abdurazakov

April 28. Moscow. VTB Ice Palace

19 April 2017, 16:36

Kuat Khamitov: "I'll bet a milllion on my victory"

Lightweight division (70,3 kg) champion title contender Kuat Khamitov is very sure about his win over Magomedsaygid Alibekov at FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 63 on April 21 in Vladivostok:

19 April 2017, 14:33

The Film. Day in the life of Kuat Khamitov

April 21. Vladivostok. Fetisov Arena

19 April 2017, 11:31


May 25. Ekaterinburg. Sports Palace

19 April 2017, 09:29