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Vadim Buseev: "If you are punched, punch back and make sure you punch harder"

Vadim Buseev who fights in the co-main event of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 70 (July 7, Ulan-Ude) speaks on his cage strategy and strong sides of his to-be opponent from China Yunpeng Guo:

"He is younger, that's his only advantage. Young guys are unpredictable. There's a certain problem with Chinese fighters - we don't have access to videos of how they fight, info is insufficient. I've been to China a few times; I met with their fighters in the cage. They sure have potential and part of it is because they now got coaches from Russia, Brazil and USA.

A lot of things come to my mind before the fight. If you have never stepped into the cage, or fought on the mat etc. you will hardly understand fighters. I guess I'm not the first to make analogy between fighting and living. A fight is like a quick life, with its ups & downs. And my cage strategy is... if you are punched, punch back and make sure you punch harder".