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Pedro Nobre: "I don't understand how people want to live in Novosibirsk"

FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 69 (June 30, Novosibirsk) main event participant Pedro Nobre answers questions regarding his trip to Russia:

- Pedro, you are debuting in FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL organization in Russia on June 30. What are your expectations for your first visit to Russia?

- Russia is a tough place. You are always in some beef, you won the World Wars. I think Russians are crazy, berserk and bad to the bone (laughs). What else? You love vodka. And I heard that Novosibirsk (I can't even pronounce this right, can I?) is very cold. I don't understand how people want to live in Novosibirsk. I guess it’s like living in Alaska. They have to drink a lot of vodka to stay warm. I hope when I beat Ali down, they won't throw bottles at me (laughs)."