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Jacob Ortiz: "I will be finishing Roman Kopylov in the first round via TKO..."
The co-main event of FIGHT NIGHTS GLOBAL 69 (June 30, Novosibirsk) participant Jacob Ortiz (15-5) is sure in winning against prospect from Novosibirsk Roman Kopylov (3-0):

The athletes In Russia Seem to be Strong, and tougher the Most other Athletes from around the world...But tough athletes also come from the America's. You compare me to Rocky, coming to Russia To fight Drago? Ha Ha, No Im Am nothing Like Rocky I like to finish my opponents. I will be finishing Roman Kopylov in the First Round Via TKO... I have Studied his fights, He is a heavy Puncher, but I am known for Taking heavy punches it still coming forward. Im like The terminator, "A Machine" that does not feel pain! I will Come To show Russia to Stun The Crowd. This Will be fight of the night! I have a few words for Koylov, " I can take your hits, but can you take mine"!